About Us

Neugeo Services was established in 2017 to address the need for increased awareness of the subsurface in the context of land use, development and environmental. Neugeo are empowered by professional and experience management team and technical know-how in geology and geophysics field.

Quality is always our priority in delivering our services. We believed, quality and accurate data are very crucial in solving problems faced by our clients. Neugeo focuses on providing unmatched level of experienced professional expertise with high technology and advance equipment in geophysics.

We are actively involved in groundwater exploration, soil settlement problems, subsurface analysis, karst geology, overburden and bedrock mapping or profiling, peat survey, and slope stability.

Geophysical technique for engineering and environmental used are relatively new and constantly evolving science especially in Malaysia. Therefore, we at Neugeo will maintain our commitment to educate and train new graduates and the industry.

Key Personnel

Associate Manager

Mr. Muhammad Farid bin Adnan


Mr. Mohamad Zulkarnain Bin Zulkifli, P.Geol

B.Sc (Hon) Geology(UKM), M.Sc Engineering & Environmental Geophysics (UKM)

Professional Geologist (PG 28), Member of GSM

Associate Manager

Dr. Umar Bin Hamzah

B.Sc (Hon) Geology(UKM), M.Sc Geophysics(Imperial College), M.Sc Geophysics(Birmingham), PhD Seismic Data Processing & Interpretation (UKM).

Professional Geologist

Our Mission

Neugeo will continually strive to be fast leading services company. We also believe by being technology driven services company we could grow and meets our clients expectations. Human resources are very important in any organization. Therefore, we are aiming to provide space and place for human resources development.

Our Vision & Aspiration

Our aspirations are not only to provide solutions for our client but also provide client with new value that exceeds their expectations.“Providing solutions. Exceeding expectations” is our aspirations inline with our vision to be an outstanding corporate entity in future.