How We Work

Neugeo always looking to provide highest quality of geophysical services to our clients. Each of our works will go through 4 standard phases; Consultation, Quotation, Acquisition & Analysis (involve field data acquisition, data processing and analysis) and Project Delivery phases. These phases will ensure the services delivered in professional way and the objective(s) of the project successfully accomplished.

At the Consultation Phase, the objective(s) of the project will guide us to plan and prepare the survey works. It is really important in order to ensure the objective(s) can be successfully achieved. Our team will do the desk study and come out with proposed survey line(s) and confirmed by our clients. At this stage, 2D or 3D for Electrical Resistivity Imaging (E.R.I) survey can be decided from the geological information collected. Basically, for complex geological features, 3D survey maybe required.

For the seismic survey, the requirement for reflection, refraction or MASW survey are based on our client request and objective of the project. However, for a certain case where the project area not suitable for refraction survey, MASW is advisable to our clients. We are offering FREE consultation to our clients.

We will provide our clients with quotation based on agreed survey design and number of survey lines.

After receiving purchase order (PO) or work order (WO), field data acquisition is carry out based on plan and design. The actual site condition, geological input will also be collected to enhance the interpretation.

At processing and analysis stage, data acquired at the project area will go through Quality Control (QC) and processing stage. Data quality is our priority in order to produce accurate results that represent the survey target(s). The geological information collected at the project area will combined with geophysical results in order to come out with holistic solutions.

This is the final stage where the technical report is produced. The report will emphasis on the finding by the survey works, solutions and recommendations that can be taken by our clients.